Results of the exhibition SITDEF 2019

31 may 2019

From 16th to 19th of May, an exhibition of defense technologies was held in Lima, the capital of Peru. SPAITECH with the special exporter UkrInMash at the stand UkrOboronProm presented its flagman products on the South American market.

As we have expected, the products and developments of our company can be in great demand in South America. During the exhibition, we held a series of fruitful negotiations with Peru's top military leaders, such as the leadership of the country's General Staff, the Air Force, the Ground Forces, and the police leaders. Our company also held several meetings with the military leadership of Ecuador, Colombia, Paraguay. The high interest in our products proves that Ukraine and Ukrainian technologies are competitive in the military arena. Everyday our national production are testing in real-time conditions. Military personnel of other countries is well aware of it. This fact initiates such a high interest.

Every our visitor firstly asked us about our software. Its capabilities expand the application sphere of our UAVs. The functions of working with external elevation maps, 3D maps, creation of orthophoto maps, the ability to retransmit through a UAV bundle and fast processing of the collected data make it possible to ideally solve tasks in the area of border control, smuggling combat, and the work of special police units.

Results of the exhibition SITDEF 2019