Service company Spaitech

20 november 2019

Scientific production enterprise “Spaitech” Ltd. successfully operates in the Ukrainian market since 2012 and today is a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative unmanned aerial systems from composite materials.

That is why, unique Spaitech unmanned aerial systems are recognized by designers and engineers of Ukraine and the world, have established themselves as highly effective in real combat conditions and are successfully used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, volunteer battalions in the ATO zone and other “hot spots”.

Service company “Spaitech” provides partners and customers with warranty and post-warranty service, repair and restoration work as soon as possible, and quick software updates. In 2019, the service completed about sixty visits to the operators. We have completed more than eighty repairs of varying degrees of complexity, including warranty and post-warranty services, of which about twenty trips to the environmental protection zone.

Before the products delivery, our company organizes training courses for operators of ground control of unmanned aerial vehicles:


Theoretical studies in the field of aerodynamics and flight dynamics of aircraft, design of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), onboard UAV control system, ground control system and software, engines and propellers for UAV, maintenance, operation and repair of UAV, use of UAV.

Flight simulators

Practical exercises using aviation simulators.

Field training

Field training - practical training on an unmanned aerial vehicle control

Through the forces of the service and maintenance service, together with military instructors, about fifty operators were trained at the training center of “Spaitech”, training operators.

In addition, updated and installed additional software that allows for objective monitoring in the event of UAV loss.

Special gatherings of UAV crews were carried out, with practical exercises in various climatic conditions day and night.

In 2019, Spaitech conducted acceptance testing of Sparrow systems and demonstration flights of Sparrow LE as part of a tender in India. Technical and judicial support was provided for the competitions for the best UAV crew in the Armed Forces.

Specialists of the service and maintenance service (SES) regularly undergo certification and improve their professional level, are trained to work with new production technology NVP SPAYTEK Ltd.

The “Spaitech” team is professionals and innovators, talented developers and highly qualified engineers, multidisciplinary specialists and authors of many effective high-tech solutions, constantly improving their skills and expanding the capabilities of their products.

Service company Spaitech