Ukrainian Naval Forces are interested in UAV made by Spaitech

8 december 2017

On December 8 in Odessa, Spaitech Company conducted a long-awaited presentation of its new development - the unmanned Tactical Class Sparrow LE, battlefield tactical type for the naval command of Ukraine.  During the event, representatives of the Naval, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Military Intelligence were able to get acquainted with the latest capabilities and innovations in the field of unmanned technologies, to receive information on the current achievements of our research and production enterprise - "Spaitech" in the development of unmanned systems and to express the relevant for military industry proposals and its improvement.

The outcome of the event was confirmed the interest of the Armed Forces representatives in supplying Sparrow and Sparrow LE systems.

The airplane field near Odesa became a training ground at one sunny December day for demonstrative tests of Sparrow LE tactical drone developed and manufactured by the advanced scientific and production enterprise "Spaitech" for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The up-to-date military drone combines all the technical requirements in functionality and program specifications that are relevant to today's combat missions.

In the spring of this year, the company has already presented the UAV Sparrow, having received a high ranking from the fleets and the necessary development vectors for further development. And since the need for flying vehicles of this class continue to grow, our company has carried out the entire range of design, production, and testing of the new drone model as quickly as possible, completing its demonstration flight for the command of the Ukrainian Navy and mass media.

What is the new Tactical system Sparrow LE?

It is a small flying machine with a length of about one and a half meters and with a three-meter-long wingspan, weighing only 7.5 kilograms, capable of accelerating to 120 km / h. Sparrow LE can reach to the height of 5 kilometers, and perform tasks with online broadcasting - up to 50 kilometers and at an altitude of about 1000 meters. It is capable of flying in record time - 3.5 hours. According to all these parameters, the new UAV set a nationwide record: on a range, duration and flight altitude. Such high technical characteristics also allowed it to take a leading position among all competitors, including foreign manufacturers.

A unique Ukrainian flying reconnaisser moves according to the given program and the given route in automatic mode, which allows even to turn off the ground station: in this case, the aircraft will continue the flight, complete the task and return to the specified point. It features an optical sensor, a 20x zoom camera, and a thermal imaging sensor that can operate even in the dark. There is the possibility of work during the same flight of both cameras (video and thermal imagery), definition and transfer to the "base" coordinates of objects and automatic support of purposes. Sparrow LE is frost-resistant and can work under strong winds, and to provide a "soft" landing in all weather conditions, drones are equipped with own parachutes and shock absorbers. Communication with the station is carried out through a secured digital channel.

An important point for military purposes is that the device can withstand the means of radio and electronic struggle, and it is not noticeable for thermal imagers since it is equipped with an electric motor and has a case of special materials.

"The drone operates on a digital communication channel, and the data transmission itself is protected from hacking," commented Andrei Lipovy, the chief designer of drones. - The only thing an opponent can do is drown out our frequency. But even after that, Sparrow LE will continue to perform the task on an autopilot, and then return to a given point. "

In addition to the UAV, the complex includes a ground station on the basis of a secure, powerful laptop for controlling drones and receiving information from it, an antenna complex and special software. One complex may consist of one to five aircrafts. At the same time, the customer always has the opportunity to change functions and complete set depending on their needs and technical requirements.

So, on request, the complex can be equipped with an especially important part - an additional remote video terminal that maintains communication with a drone within two kilometers and can receive information from a tactical aircraft along with the main ground station. In the opinion of the Spaitech developers, such an opportunity is extremely relevant for intelligence in the enemy's rear, as it can provide irreplaceable information support to our forces in a dangerous and unexplored territory.

During the demonstration of the Sparrow LE capabilities, the commanders of the Navy and units were able to see with their own eyes the simplicity and reliability of the use of the hardware. In general, the latest development of the Odessa Scientific-Production Company made a positive impression on the military forces who were present in the west, the Navy representatives expressed the urgent need for unmanned systems made by the "Spaitech" company and indicated their readiness to get them into operation.

In particular, the head of artillery N-battalion of the Marine Corps of the Navy Artem Kholodkevich said that for the Naval Forces, Sparrow LEs are of great interest. "Odessa complex is better than the others. In three and a half hours, it can perform several military tasks at once. " - says the officer.

It is also important that the quality of the unmanned systems of Sparrow LE significantly exceeds the known analogues of the European market, while the price - on the contrary, lower. It remains only to wait for the decision of the Ministry of Defense, according to which Sparrow LE can enter the Ukrainian Army, where it already fully utilizes its capabilities in the battle for the good of the country.