XVI International Specialized Exhibition "Arms and Security - 2019"

11 october 2019

At the XVI International Specialized Exhibition "Arms and Security - 2019", which took place in Kyiv from October 8 to 11 Spaitech was displayed at the UkrOboronProm booth and presented its Sparrow and Sparrow LE inventions equipped with new control systems and modern reconnaissance methods.  The presentation of brand new Windhover multicopter with unique characteristics among the devices of its class took place in Ukraine for the first time. Multicopter capable of conducting reconnaissance and surveillance, as well as adjusting fire for rescue and surveillance operations. Windhover aroused great interest among military and defence forces, as well as foreign representatives from other countries. This is a unique opportunity to establish more intensive military and technical cooperation with partners from different countries, to strengthen national economic potential.

The newest technique, equipment and armament of ground forces, namely armored and rocket-artillery armament, military automobile, engineering and topographic equipment, radiation and chemical means were presented here as part of the military unit. There were also presented the means of ensuring border control, military aviation, and much more. The civil part of the exposition traditionally was represented by a different assortment of hunting, sporting, historical and cold weapons, equipment, tactical goods, things for hunting and outdoor activities.

In conclusion we can definitely notify that Spaitech is certainly one of the market leaders, as the all products of our company were highly appreciated by the specialists who visited our stand. We are grateful to our visitors for the genuine interest to Spaitech products, and we thank the providers of this event for the opportunity to present our new products.

Spaitech will continue to present its latest inventions in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles. We have carefully studied the experience and latest developments of UAV manufacturers and outlined further cooperation steps.

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