«SPAITECH SPE», LLC conducts development and production of UAVs and their complexes of composite materials on the territory of Ukraine. The Enterprise consists of research and design office, manufacturing complex, service department and training center. During last several years our company has developed a number of UAV systems for observation, different types of intelligence and monitoring of the environment for civil use and military operations.
Our company is recognized in Ukraine and abroad. Our products are used by a volunteer battalions as well as by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the territory of the Anti-Terrorist Operation in Donbass region.
Basic equipment of UAV complexes processes photo / video materials and other data in real time onboard the UAV and transmits it by digital encrypted channel to the Ground Control Station (GCS). The hybrid control system with an autopilot function, binding to an electronic map is integrated in UAC together with flight modes on a given route, either by coordinates, or automatic emergency return to the starting point or alternate current «black box». UAC has functions of target capture and tracking. Monitoring and control is performed via secure radio channels.
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