We are 3 years old

1 june 2018

On May 21, Spaitech celebrated the third anniversary of the official opening. Since the period from the day of opening, the company has passed the way from the beginning start up to one of the leaders of domestic manufacturers of UAV and was firmly entrenched among the world developers of unmanned aerial systems. Starting its activity, Spaitech company was a handful of enthusiasts, now it's a big and friendly team, united by a common idea and purpose. Initially these were single prototypes, today these are already serial products manufactured using the most modern technologies and materials. The main thing that has been achieved over the past three years is to find and rally people of various professions, people who love their work and who are burning with a common goal. People who create unique things and change our world.

This joyful event the company Spaitech celebrated on the corporate celebration, which was held on the basis of the Odessa Air Club – Hydro port. Here, in the habitual atmosphere for people who are in love with the sky, the first open championship on Paintball was held, an exciting shooting from a sports bow, and those wishing could see views of Odessa from a bird's eye view. As part of the celebration, demonstration flights of the company's complexes were also conducted.

Despite the achieved, the Spaitech team does not stop, but intends to further develop and produce the newest complexes that meet the most advanced market requirements.

Separate gratitude, for hospitality and help in organizing the holiday, we express Odessa air club and personally to K. Oborin.