Scientific & production enterprise «Spaitech», LLC has been successfully operating on Ukrainian market since 2012 and now is a leading developer and producer of innovative unmanned aerial complexes from composite materials.
ISO 9001
The company’s market-oriented strategy is producing high-tech unmanned solutions, which have no analogs in the world, ongoing commitment to excellence and quality control of own products at all stages.
«Spaitech» products are also widely used in carrying out of civilian tasks in various spheres: agriculture and forestry, construction of objects of various types, for control of engineering structures, and also monitoring environmental conditions.

Scientific production enterprise «Spaitech» has been awarded multiple diplomas and medals as a developer of high-tech solutions and a producer of high quality unmanned aerial complexes. The company was awarded a national certificate “Leader of the year” in 2017.

The company staff consists of professionals and innovators, talented developers and highly qualified engineers, specialists and authors of numerous effective high-tech solutions, who regularly improve their skills and expand the opportunities for their products.

«Spaitech» is a scientific and production enterprise of complete cycle located in Odessa, Ukraine. However, high production scalability and possession of all technologies allow rapidly producing any capacity for production worldwide and presenting the required products quantity in the shortest possible time.

«Spaitech» unmanned aerial complexes are well-known and have proved to be good in operation not only in Ukraine but also abroad.
Make to global security by the creation of unique unmanned solutions.
Values of the company


In the activity, we strive to leadership and see ourselves as a leader for the rest. Our partners are industry leaders


We seek perfection continuously improving our products and improving ourselves without recognizing any compromises


We create unique developments which have no analogs in the world. We use unique developments of our partners for our products

Technological effectiveness

We create unique technologies. Our developments are technologically effective in production


Our developments ensure safety and save human life. Our products usage is safe and requires no human presence


We are honest and open with our workers and partners
Benefits of cooperation with «SPAITECH» LLC
Prompt creation of innovative solutions on author platforms base
Enterprise of complete cycle: development, production, training, service
Solutions and products adapted to customer and specific operation conditions
Successful execution of contracts in full and on time
Work experience in foreign markets and with foreign partners
Developments and implementation of turn-key technologies for national products creation
Supplying of ready intellectual and engineering solutions
Comprehensive resolution: unmanned aerial complexes
Аchievements and awards
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