Unmanned Aerial System
Intended for optical and thermal intelligence conducting, coordinates’ determination of immovable objects at nighttime and daylight hours, fire adjustment, targeting, target tracking in various weather conditions.
Convenient vertical take-off and landing function, which does not require extra area during combat operations. Designed in an aerodynamic normal scheme with a V-shaped tail that ensures a long flight endurance and energy source cost-benefits at combat application.
Various flight modes with choosing the payload. With twin (video camera and thermal imager) electromagnetic stabilized, two-axial and focus controlled payload. On-line video-signal transmission and record in HD quality. Protected digital channel for data transfer according to NATO standards. Ground station on protected laptop base. Ease transporting (any transport, backpacks). Basic military use: military intelligence, special operations forces, artillery units.
150 km
Max. takeoff weight
9 kg
Flight range with data
online transmission
40 km
Cruise speed
60-110 km/hour
Time in flight
up to 2,5 h
Flight altitude
2500 m.
3.2 м
Startup Method
vertical or from hand
Method of landing
vertical or as a plane
Global Navigation Satellite System
2-axes stabilized gimbal equipped with 10-20x guided video camera or 4x thermal imager
Data transmission, inscription
Digital channel, 128 bit key
Video is not available yet
All specifications of Ardea may be changed to the client needs
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