«SPAITECH SPE», LLC conducts development and production of UAVs and their complexes of composite materials on the territory of Ukraine. The Enterprise consists of research and design office, manufacturing complex, service department and training center. During last several years our company has developed a number of UAV systems for observation, different types of intelligence and monitoring of the environment for civil use.
Current vacancies

In the dynamically developing company Spaitech, which is engaged in the development and production of unmanned aerial vehicles, in connection with the expansion, a competition is announced for the position of a management accounting Accountant.
If you are ready to become part of a team of professionals and develop together with us, we are waiting for your resume.

Permanent occupancy
Higher economic education

  • experience as an accountant from 3 years (production required)
  • Higher professional education
  • ability to work with a large variety of information and document flow
  • Knowledge of accounting and tax accounting, labor legislation
  • Understanding the cost structure of products and calculation skills
  • PC, special programs, 1C 8.3, Medoc
  • Successful background checks
  • foreign trade Experience, VAT refund experience as an advantage

Personal qualities:

Diligence, thoroughness

Responsibility, organization


  • Full maintenance of all areas of accounting, statistical and tax accounting of the production company on the General taxation system (Quarterly, VAT payers)
  • Preparation and submission of reports to the fiscal service and other funds
  • Import / export of goods; currency transactions; exchange rate differences
  • control over accounts receivable and accounts payable, acts of reconciliation, mutual settlements
  • Control over timely and correct registration of accounting documents
  • Personnel records management
  • inventory and asset Tracking
  • calculation, cost calculation, interaction with regulatory authorities
  • setting up accounting, optimizing and automating accounting processes
Working conditions:

  • Working in an interesting and promising field
  • five-Day working week from Mon to Fri from 9 to 18
  • Office in the area of the bus Station
  • Young friendly team
  • Competitive salary

As part of our friendly team, you will have the opportunity to constantly get acquainted with the latest technologies in the world of unmanned aerial vehicles.

the Company provides everything necessary to work and achieve results.


Permanent occupancy
Working experience above 3 years, higher education




C ++ / Qt, above 3 years of working experience.
Experience in Linux development.
Development experience embedded C / C ++
Working experience with network protocols.
Working experience with peripheral devices


Software development is one of the company's top priorities. 
The candidate's duties will include:
Creating a new autopilot functionality
Finalization of communication protocols with the ground station
Work with digital video stream
Programming and configuration of electronic components
Development of ground station software

Working conditions:

Interesting, really non-standard tasks. The ability to work with advanced technologies in the industry of the UAV. Work in a highly competitive industry - a minimum of formalism, focus on the result. Work with a very wide range of electronics, from communication systems to electronic components of own development. The ability to see the result of work - iteractive development process with short sprints, regular tests "in the field". Free schedule. Constant wage.