Unmanned Aerial System
COLUMBA Unmanned Aerial System is designed for aerial surveillance at a range up to 40 km. The wingspan up to 2000 mm significantly increases the UAV’s flight characteristics comparing with the other systems of this category. Due to small dimensions and used materials it remains invisible both for visual observation and for radar systems.
“Columba” is quickly deployed, reliable in operation, resistant to mechanical and thermal effects, protected from moisture. The control is performed both in manual and in automatic modes, including automatic takeoff and landing. The system is able to determine the coordinates of objects.
120 km
Time in flight
120 min
Flight altitude
3000 m.
Max. takeoff weight
7 kg
Flight range with data
online transmission
40 km
Cruise speed
60-110 km/hour
2 м
Startup Method
from the catapult
Method of landing
on a parachute
IMU, Global Navigation Satellite System
2-axes stabilized gimbal equipped with 10x guided videocamera or with thermal imager
Data transmission, inscription
Digital channel, 128 bit key
Video is not available yet
All specifications of Columba may be changed to the client needs
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